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ABC: Mistresses Likely Cancellation, Motive back to Toss Up, Rookie Blue steady as Toss Up

By on June 30, 2013

Other ABC Renewal and Cancellation news:



Mistresses has been doing bad for a while now, and even though its ratings haven’t been abominable, they haven’t been very good either. Now that it hasn’t been picking up at all, the prediction for Mistresses will be set to a Likely Cancellation.

After a short hiatus, Motive has returned to TV and immediately it scored a series low rating of 0.9. Therefore it loses its status of Likely Renewal and will be set back to Toss Up.

Rookie Blue has been quite steady in the ratings, dropping 0.1 after coming back from a short hiatus. It will remain a Toss Up for now.

ShowStatus / Prediction
Grey’s AnatomyRenewed
Last Man StandingRenewed
Modern FamilyRenewed
Once Upon a TimeRenewed
The MiddleRenewed
The NeighborsRenewed
MotiveToss Up
Rookie BlueToss Up
MistressesLikely Cancellation
Body of ProofCancelled
Family ToolsCancelled
Happy EndingsCancelled
How To Live With Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life)Cancelled
Malibu CountryCancelled
Red WidowCancelled

This week’s TV Watch U.S. predictions for the other networks:

  • Steph

    Think mistresses is brilliant please make series 2

  • Monika

    I love Mistresses, please bring it back for Season 2!

  • Tasha

    Mistress is Amazing! Don’t cancell it, I look forward to it every week! Give it a chance!.

  • Jennifer

    I love Mistresses. It fills a big void in programming. Please renew this show!

  • Megan

    NO! I LOVE Mistresses! I dont want it to get cancelled! Not only i, but many others too! I’m sure if it was better advertized in the beginning it would of had a better outcome at the very start.

  • Terri

    I have enjoyed Mistresses right from the first episode! I hope it is not cancelled.

    Motive is also a very good show. Was very surprised to see it has not been doing well.

  • Nicole

    I am surprise ir was not doing well either … I find it to be a very good show. If you let it air long enough for tge word to.get around about how good the show it the ratings might go up. ME AND MY MOTHERS BOYFRIEND ARE WAITING FOR SAVI’S PATERNITY RESULTS!!!!!

  • Joan

    This is a gret show. Should be renewed for another season.

  • melanie

    dude love this show. they always cancel the good ones (GCB and Awake) wtf
    when will we know ?

  • CT

    Bring it back! Love the show!

  • Tracy T

    Please don’t cancel this show it is awesome, don’t leave us hanging. Give it a chance!!!

  • Anna

    Please renew Mistresses!! I love this show!

  • Jordan

    Please renew the show!!!! The whole season was great, and the season finale was way to good for it to be cancelled. I need to know what happens!!

  • Donna Hanna

    This is a great show and so many friends love it.
    Why would ABC create a finale with no resolution… We would all like to know if Savvy lives, and who got shot.
    We all wait eagerly for this show each week and its a shame that you think it was not a success.
    Please return and lets get on with the story. If it was truly the end, the only failure of this show was the ending.

  • Betty Moyers

    Please don’t cancel Mistresses! Love that show! Great drama fun escape!